Gunslinger Girl

An unyielding drama


1/1/20252 min read

Gunslinger Girl is an anime that focuses on 6 girls who are agents for a clandestine organization known as the " Wellfare Agency". They each work side by side with their handlers or "fratella". The girls were turned into assassins after tragic near death instances that resulted them in having no family that is living or unincarcerated. They were given robotic parts that have made them into basically cybernetic assassins.

Now this plot doesn’t exactly read as something that most women would identify with or rush to view as their first choice of anime or any plotline for book or movie or TV series in general .

The premise itself, at first blemish, is so fantastical that it is almost comical. But it’s when you take a look at what the artist is aiming to accomplish with that premise, that this story truly takes form and becomes emotionally evocative.

Gunslinger Girl uses violence and brutality sometimes committed on the girls but more often committed by the girls. as a window to view the innocence of a child. The innocence of a young girls.

The shear brutality of the violence and brutality a shock you into truly seeing complete elimination of innocence that the agency forced into these young girls to make them into what they are. But through the stories you see the innocent has not all disappeared. and then you being to truly feel what Jose feels, that there is something fundamentally ethically wrong about this whole thing.

This anime forces the view to observe the care, the need, the compassion girls require if they are to grow into a complete and whole person. And to see the story of these young girls often with pasts abusive or just horrific, receive new lives, new names, and struggle to find themselves and figure out their truth in this new life they have been granted. To calibrate the balance between precocious girl and destructive killer whilst being treated anywhere between a mere tool or functionary of the trade, to a daughter or little sister.